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About Us

The main objective of Ovesta Wellness care which was established in the year 2005 is to investigate the reasons behind the problems people face due to various environmental factors in their daily lives, and to eradicate those tribulations and find answers through the use of pyramid objects. At present a vast number of customers believe in the powers of pyramid objects and seek assistance through vaasthu science. Thus we are always ready to provide a helping hand towards the wellbeing of our clients with the best scientific pyramid and vaasthu objects.

Through our pyramid vaastu science we are able to identify various problems that occur due to construction errors of certain buildings and by the use of our pyramid objects we can eliminate negative energies that cause problems and enhance positive energies around us. Utilizing these objects that emit positive energies gives us pleasure, peace of mind, prosperity and money etc in our life.

If you are interested in learning the powers of pyramid vaastu science, our organization provide the expertise. Through our company we organize seminars with the aim of providing the knowledge about ancient vaastu science. The seminars are conducted by professional vaastu scientists around the country.   

At Ovesta Wellness care, we organize courses where you will learn the basics of Pyramid Vastu Shastra and the scientific logics behind the subject. For those who complete the course, we offer practical training at our company, thus providing the opportunity of becoming vaasthu science professionals.

Ovesta Wellness care is the official distributor of pyramid vaastu objects that are imported from India. We assure the quality standards of our products which are cirtified by ….. in India.
Mr. Ranjith Jayasinghe
Miss. Dilini Jayasinghe
Our Vision

Our vision is to become the main force in transforming man, who has drifted apart from Nature, to become one with the natural elements on life. Hence eliminating negative energies that block good health and success in a man’s life

සොබා දහමට පිටුපා, කෘතිම පරිසරයක ජීවත්වීමට නැබුරු වූ නූතන මානවයා, සියළු ව්‍යාධීන් සහ උපද්‍රව වලින් මිදුණු සෞභාග්‍යමත්, සෞඛ්‍ය සම්පන්න බවින් යුතු යහපත් මිනිසෙකු බවට පත්කරලීමේ ප්‍රධානතම පාර්ශවකරුවා බවට පත්වීම අපගේ දැක්මයි.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate defects of buildings that were constructed ignoring the natural elements. We transform these buildings into positive environments through the use of pyramid objects that are energized using the positive powers of the universe. Producing professionally qualified Pyrah Vaastu Scientists through extensive training on the science of Vaastu and enhancing their profession as Vaastu scientists

විශ්වීය මූලධර්ම වලට පටහැනිව මිනිසා විසින් ඉදිකරන ලද නිවාස, ගොඩනැගිලි හා ඉඩම් විශ්ව ශක්තියෙන් බලගන්වන ලද පිරමීඩ තාක්ෂනය භාවිතයෙන් වාසයට හා පරිහරණයට සුදුසු ලෙස පරිවර්ථනය කිරීම.

පිරමීඩ වාස්තු විද්‍යාව පිළිබදව මනා දැනුමෙන්, පුහුණුවෙන් යුතු නිසිලෙස සුදුසුකම් ලැබූ පයිරා වාස්තු විශේෂඥයින් පිරිසක් බිහිකිරීම සහ ඔවුන්ගේ වෘත්තීය තත්වය වැඩිදියුණු කිරීම.

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