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What is Vastu Science?  
Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science developed thousands of years ago by Indian sages lays down rules for the construction of buildings and temples and has been practiced for centuries, to create old architectural wonders like temples, palaces, monuments etc. Buildings built according to Vastu shastra principles are said to vibrate with ‘universal positive energy’ which results in all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity for the occupants.  
  The history of Vastu Science
  Delving into history, we find that Vastu developed during the period of 6000 BC and 3000 BC (Ferguson, Havell and Cunningham) and was handed over by ancient architects through word of mouth or hand-written monographs. Vastu is an old reference to many people. Often many people ask: what is Vastu? Where is it? Can anyone show any proof? Vastu is like a magnetic effect and there are no known methods to prove it exists. It can only be proved and shown through examples and the experience of the people who have followed Vastu.Extensive research done worldwide by numerous Vastu scholars has established it as a science.
vastu science for today  

The fundamental principle of Vastu Shastra is to add ‘Value to the Life of the man’ staying in a building by bringing about harmony between the inmate, nature and the built environment. Vastu Shastra has evolved over centuries and from experience it has been documented that the improper positioning of rooms with respect to the elements causes an imbalance. When the harmonics between elements gets disturbed, our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill-health.

However, the right application of Vastu Shastra principles can create a balance between the building structure, the five elements and the cosmos. This equilibrium between the internal and external energies, ensures a healthy body and happy mind which leads to health, wealth, happiness and success. So, it is wise and probably necessary to follow Vastu Shastra guidelines in the design of a building.

Vaastu Tips
Vaastu dosh (defects)
Traditional Vaastu remedies
Pyramid Vaastu remedy
01 Problems with “Brahma paada” due to errors in construction of a building. (Breaking down the present structures and re-building the building. (This results in changes of the former building plan and is costly) Using pyramid objects energized with special mantras, that irradiates the vaastu dosha in buildings. (This does not have any additional cost)
02 Errors when placing the main entrance and other doors in a building. Taking out the doors and placing them in the correct place. (This requires breaking the door frames and re-placing the frames in another place. Covering the main door or other doors with the power of magnetic fields, so that it prevents the negative energies from entering the main door. A special pyramid is placed in order to redirect positive energies towards the main doors
03 Buildings which are not symmetrical and buildings with errors in angles. Constructing new foundations and building new walls. (Since it is a new construction, additional cost is required.)

Using energized pyramids, conceptual walls are created, thus eliminating the defect.

(This will not cause changes in the plan and will not be costly since there will be no construction cost)
04 Wells and toilet pits built facing wrong directions. Covering the well or toilet pit and digging up the earth in order to build the well or pit facing the positive direction.

Eliminating the defect by using energized pyramid objects that emit positive energies.

(This will not cause changes in the plan and will not be costly since there will be no construction cost)
05 The master bedroom and kitchen facing the wrong direction. Using a different room that faces the correct direction as the kitchen or master bedroom. Or if there is no other room, the master bedroom or kitchen is newly constructed. By using energized pyramids positive energy is re-directed towards the rooms affected. Thus eliminating the defect.
06 Lands with unlucky shapes. Building walls in order to get the required shape of the land. (This requires a large building cost, and the entire land cannot be used.) An energized pyramid is buried in the land in order to change the defect. (No additional construction cost is requires and the entire land can be used.)
07 Negative energies flowing in due to toilets built in close proximity. Abolishing the toilet construction. Covering the door of the toilet with a magnetic field that stops negative energies from flowing.
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